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A head on a door I've seen this place before Am I stuck in a bad dream or in 1984? Can they hear you sleeping? Did they Tuck you in? Is that a voice in the distance or is that voice within? Lights, camera and reaction Counter movements gaining traction Better watch what they throw at you They'll kill you over a statue Our feet held over the fire As it burns brighter Don't get caught in deadlights Don't get caught in their deadlights Lies! Lies! from the serpents tongue If anyone calls out blasphemy They'll cry, "What have you done"? Strapped to a bomb dropped from a plane I think I know where to assign the blame
I lay awake inside a dream what does it mean my brain is busted Ritually my misery will pull at me until I’m rusted and falling out again I won’t sleep until I’m dead I will not wait for morning’s end ‘til everything around me feels just like it’s slowly falling down down Pacing the room like it's my tomb what do I do I'm feeling nervous even now Statistically its seems that we will mostly dream until our bodies give up on us
Those vacant eyes say nothing that I want to hear There is a bridge coming don't forget to steer Coughing up best regards you're laughing all the way Fingers crossed behind your back you lied to my face And now we'e back right at the start don't ever let go Invested time and compromise still nothing left to show Apparently strings were attached and you pulled everyone And now I am stuck in the same spot this burden weighs a ton And now we're right back at the start six goddamn years ago Invested trust with boom and bust still so much left to know So out of touch drinking too much your tired eyed our family ties
20 degrees below freezing outside in the snow A winter wonderland a hell on Earth you’ll never know Well this is our rust belt bitter cold you’ve never felt And if you’ve moved from here you know that feeling never melts This lake effect has gotten the best of us But we will not be left in the dust Summer seems so far away I’ll just stay inside today And avoid the cold darkness and blurry lines of white and grey You’re sitting all alone waiting by your phone These roads are treacherous so how am I to make it home
These mangled puzzle pieces will they fit back together This quire of dangerous voice is out to get us Is there any freedom left because we all look scared to death now They twist the story as they sell us all away I see the lines drawn in the sand that keep us separated A false promise of something grand Another wall to keep us all separated Another pill that keeps us all sedated They learned how to divide us now we only fend for ourselves We were once united now they’ve torn us all apart this was a place we all loved now fear has locked our doors We watch our neighbors like strangers in the shadows
Staying up for days on end hoping that the tension breaks I hope you now I’m not alright The secrets told to us I’m scared to be alone But I can't deal with anyone Frightened of the future but haunted by my past I exhale as I breathe my last gasp out for air I’m drowning Pull me out I think I’m dying How can you say that the things you believed in Are still the same today Can you believe that the world we once knew Has been packaged bought and sold away Eyes toward the sky you keep praying for rain The truth in your heart life is only what you make Ear to the ground and hear that nothing will change The truth in your heart life is only what you make Convinced of the lies and half-truths that you can't believe The arm gets twisted back Pulling at the seams and bleeding from my ears I can't believe it's been another year Choking on the words you said a matter of life or death Falling from my hands I am shaking mind is breaking Sink or swim I’m reaching up again
These frozen words in 4/4 time Passages read in my mind An anagram I can't make sense This feeling here has become tense So lock the door and throw away the key There's no sense in retracing these Footsteps back in winter snow Please close the door I’m going home Nowhere nothing So cold freezing Thrown out my sanity Stayed in on Saturday This broken door let's strangers in There's no use in fixing it My frozen hands can't hold a thing Please close the door abandon me
Moments are lost into the screen Questioning every little thing All that I see digitally Empty faces slipping into obscurity Obsession with bad news Liking what’s untrue our drunk on hateful views Try living in your hopes You’re blinded by your fear One side is all you hear You’re venting your frustrations Gotta know when to light your fires You’re venting your frustrations Gotta stop listening to liars Make something else inside my mind Holding on to the hope to break away Say what you want won't mean a thing Narcissism conquers everything
Burning bridges turning tides worse decisions yet to find Vilify opposing sides god forbid we try to hide Strike the match set ablaze our empathy withered away Words are lost we never say hoping for a better day How can you dance on the ashes of all the things that we held dear That sad fiddle ringing in our ear full of lies preying on our fear Filling up your ears while ripping off your hands You'll stand there defenseless while they shoot you where you stand Fire in the streets a fire in the home Hear that music in your head while lying there alone
Disconnect the heart from the disconcerting plane wreck That you thought you left behind somewhere in your mind The trail of wreckage starts with the broken life you left behind While "following your heart" and ignoring mine Tailspin crashing ground no black box to be found You said you were sorry I’ll never believe you Frightened and afraid all mistakes that you’ve made You said you were sorry I’ll never believe you Crawling from the wreck of the things you thought that you escaped While running with the pack is that what's in your head You’re a blemish on a cyst a parasitic narcissist A cancer of the mind and now it's our time
Hand on the gun pull the trigger There's no use fighting now Our payment paid in full The only way is down Climbing up on wings of wax We all know what happens next We're all deafened by the sound Slowly falling to the ground Lights fading out on our descent The cold wind hits my face Our bodies burn on reentry Staring into space Every choice will be a burden Every life will have an end Every word will go unspoken Every wound will never mend Climbing up on wings of lead Are we all better off dead I will not be silenced now Body lying on the ground
On edge extinction No time to be nice to each other anymore Alone self-absorbed Vanity takes the cake while kindness goes ignored Static banter back and forth Regurgitating talking points Our conflicts remain unresolved Take a look beyond the wedge And search for common ground instead Together we can break this divide Break the divide break the divide A shattered future it all seems like a lie No hope for tomorrow was dead when arrived Hold on if you can don’t believe what you see A new civil war pretending we’re free


Triggered is the debut LP by New Architects. Produced by Rick Johnson at Cold War Studios in Grand Rapids, MI January 2018.


released April 2, 2018

All music written and performed by New Architects
Tracking, Mixing and Mastering by Rick Johnson at Cold War Studios


all rights reserved



New Architects Kalamazoo, Michigan

New Architects is a Kalamazoo based punkrock outfit driven by a buzzsaw rhythm section topped with infectious guitar riffs and raspy melodic vocals. This band aims to provide a departure from mid-tempo melodies and whimsical lyrics by not shying away from opportunities to play fast nor delving into the more pertinent issues of the parlance of our times. ... more

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